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Timing is Everything!

Happy 2020! As we approach the wedding season of the new decade I thought it is important to talk about timing and planning down to the T! So you gave yourself 15 months to plan your wedding. You've booked your venue and your vendors so you think you got your timing down pack! The thing is, small details get left to the last minute. And those small details are what take up the most of your time. So if you don't look forward to pulling all nighters (and dayers) doing those last minute details, take some advice...start doing them now.

Usually we wait until the last days to start working on party favors or even centerpiece arrangements; guilty! But it's best to start getting those things prepared as soon as possible because they can become really time consuming. Imagine having a couple of weeks to prepare and stick labels on 150 wine bottles then only having a couple of days. Along with getting your hair done, facials, nails, finding the right bra to wear... you see where I'm going with this. In the last days before the wedding you are too immensely busy to be worrying about how the sash is going to look on the chair.

But you got this girl! Timing is everything. And having a wedding planner who can help you with even the timing of when to type up those personalized thank you cards will allow you to get in order. Make fun of it! Call up your girlfriends, your mom...your planner :) and get things cracking! You may think you have 4 more months to p

ut your beads on your vases but trust me, time is of the essence!

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