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Planning and Coping in the COVID-19 era

Somehow we are here, planning with the most uncertainty for some of the biggest events in our lives. When

we plan an event, its a lot that goes into doing so. We plan about our budgets and our theme, the guests we want invite and how we want the entire event setup. One of the most important elements we choose when planning an event is the date in which it will happen. But with the Coronavirus pandemic, it's hard choosing a date that will even be open let alone be perfect.

So how do we do it? How do we plan for our most perfect event during virus that can affect our love ones so negatively if we are not careful. Wearing a mask during your event isn't the most appealing thought when it comes to having a good time. And we are even cautioned about giving love ones a hug, kiss or share a dance.

With these uncertainties, some people have opted to have more smaller intimate events as well as virtual events while others are just cancelling all together. But for others, these events are too important to just forget about. There comes a few times when celebrations are necessary and the Coronavirus should not be the reason why this event is no longer important you and your guests.

Postpone. Reschedule. Have an event plan B date! We have to listen to the experts. Things may not be the same as before but this virus will be beaten! And once it's gone, we can go back living our lives and fulfilling our dreams as we once were.

So here are a few tips about planning during the coronavirus.

  1. If you are just not in the mood to have a large gathering, consider a small intimate gathering and a virtual zoom party. You still can have the people you love join in your celebration. If you must keep your 2020 date, have a few people over, get some wedding decor (from Weddings by April Steele) and do a beautiful intimate wedding right within the safe keeping of your own home. It will give you a peace of mind while allowing you to still keep your initial wedding date. And due to the Coronavirus, you can have a big celebration for your 1 year anniversary. Now, invite those same guests who had to sit in-front of a computer screen to witness your special day to your live celebration. Enjoy everyone happy and healthy and ready to party!

  2. Have a plan B and C for your wedding date. Be creative! Think of the first time you've held hands or the first time you kissed. Figure out those special days and create a new memory around those dates. Having a milestone birthday event? Keep the big year and just add the plus 1 or 2 digits. It's still your 60th 1! It's still a milestone and a celebration. Now you get even more time to plan and make sure the Weddings by April Steele gets your decor just right!

  3. Consider moving your venue from indoor to outdoors! If in the event you have an indoor wedding venue, see if they have an outdoor location that can accommodate you. Most states are allowing for outdoor gathering that are socially distant. Consider creating focal areas at your event that encourage people to move around. Be creative at this time. Creativity is what brings amongst the most memories.

Don't become discouraged. We all want things to be normal right now. I get it. Its mentally draining and downright depressing. What we need to remember is that this too shall pass. Your perfect date may not have been the best date. Your milestone is still a milestone with another year added. The most important thing for us to do is hold our love ones ones tight and think about everyones safety in the process.

April Steele

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