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Restore honesty and balance!

Would you give 50% towards raising your children? What outcome do you get when you put 50% effort towards your job? What happens when you only receive 50% of customer service? We always here the phrase that marriage is 50/50. But that statement is crazy. You can never get full potential out of anything by only giving 50% of effort! A truer statement should be that marriage should be 100/100. But honestly, who can ever commit themselves to be 100% all of the time?

This is where honesty and balance in your marriage comes through. You can never expect your partner to be 100% all of the time. It

's not logical. But you cannot give 50% either and expect your partner to be okay with that. You should always give a full effort to your partner no matter what that may be on the scale. Maybe you are only running on 80%, then give your partner your all that day. And when you get to 100% again, make sure you make up for lacking the day before.

But if you feel you are running on 60% and you have nothing left to give, then thats when an honest conversation needs to be had. Communicate with your partner that you just don't have it in you to be what they need you to be that day. Then allow your mate to compensate for what you are lacking. Marriage is not about always being equal or always putting forth the same effort. It's about being each others strength when the other may be weak. It is about pulling your partner forward when he/she may be held back for some reason. You may need to be the strength in the relationship while he/she is working on their weakness. It is okay to let your partner be vulnerable. It is okay to let your partner need you and you need your partner. That is what makes marriages great. You always have that one person who you can rely on to make you whole!

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