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How do you and your mate Communicate?

I truly believe that making a marriage last means that you and your partner must have strong communication. I am no marriage counselor, that is not my area, but with dealing with couples daily, I have picked up on a few key points to keep communication strong. You and your mate are two individuals who have decided to embark on a path called life together. Where in the past you may have figured out things on your own, leaving your partner out of your difficult situations can cause strain in your own relationships. And being in a marriage means also respecting that your partner may be going through something difficult in his/her personal life and you must be sensitive to that fact. We should always want our partner to be open and honest with us, but you also have to be receptive and willing to receive the information. It may not always be pleasant. In fact, it can be some situations that scare you or cause you to panic. What if your mate is suffering with depression or develops a drinking problem? Life isn't roses and their will be bumps in the road. But through it all, strong marriages will last because you and your partner have figured out how to communicate with one another. A strong bond and strong communication will help carry each other through the roughest parts of your marriage. The solution to finding out they keys to build your strong communication would be first with talking some things out. Speak to each other about trigger words and off-limit words during heated conversations. It's okay to talk about things that will really hurt you in vulnerable situations. Figure out your partners comfort levels. What eases the pain? How many days do they need before addressing difficult situations? Some times good communication can be saying nothing at all but just allowing your partner to lay in your lap or cry on your shoulder. Them knowing that you are their for them can be the greatest comfort for them. Eventually you should talk, but never try to force a conversation out of anyone. It just brings more aggression. Finally, you have to know yourself and what you need during difficult times. Maybe you need quiet time or a relaxing bath before you tackle what's difficult at hand. You have to know what you want and need in these situations in order to fully be able to express this to your partner. Also, be very aware that these needs can and probably will change over time. Continue the conversations and always speak from a place of love. During your engagement, this is the perfect time to know yourself and know your partner. If you want your marriage to last for the long haul, you will start with the work right now! I offer wedding planning and coordinating in the Chicagoland area! Check out my site, for my services and also the bridal consignment shop! -Love April 😘

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