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Thank you cards

Anyone else horrible at sending out thank you cards? I am the worst. It's so time consuming. Plus, I also feel like I probably thanked you a thousand times in person, why do I need to send a card! (Sarcasm, not really!) But it is a custom to send these cards out after receiving your gifts from your guest. But if you are anything like me, then you may want to use this idea to please the pleasantries of sending a thank you card vs. actually sending them out. Along with my gifts I gave my guest, I also placed a long form thank you card with the boxes. It basically said everything from thank you for blessing us with your presence to your gifts, in whatever form, is greatly appreciated. I do understand that this may not scratch everyone's itch. But for me, I was pregnant, taking my masters finals and just dealt with all the stress of planning this wedding, it was the best I had. And trust me, I never heard a complaint that their heartfelt thank you did not come in the mail. If I even had the time, I would have made sure to customize the cards with each persons name on it. But, yeah, I was kind of dealing with all previously given details. I won't say it's the lazy way out, but it definitely allows you to be done with the wedding pleasantries as soon as the DJ plays the last song! - Love April 💞 I have even more bridal advice at Check out the site, subscribe and leave me a message and tell me what you think! 

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