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Wife and Mother vs. Career Woman

My friend and I had this conversation yesterday over our lives and how we are feeling a little stagnant. We are wives and stay-at-home mothers but we are both finishing our master degrees. When you are single, you definitely have an identity all to yourself. The titles that define you are the ones that you set for yourself. Once you become a wife, people address you as such. Once you become a mother, people always direct their questions to the child. Becoming a wife and a mother after being independent for so many years can definitely become a life altering experience. While we both love our roles as wife and mother, we both have worked too hard in our single lives to just be seen as such. It's hard to balance the roles, but ladies never give up on your dreams. I truly don't believe our human anatomy matches our actual capabilities. The amount that we can carry as women is unmatched and we have superhuman powers. I believe that we can do it all and don't let any one title define who you are. You can have it all with balance and determination. -Love April 😍 P.S. consignment shop is now open and ready for your business. Got items you would like to sell, email me at!

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