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Do your bridesmaids know their roles?

The biggest stress that I usually encounter from brides is from their bridesmaids! The brides usually feel like the bridesmaids should be doing so much more. This is true. But do we really stop to think if a bridesmaid really knows what the role entails. My answer to that is not really. They understand that they will be in the wedding and possibly wedding throw you a bachelorette party, but they don't really know the time and financial commitment that comes with being a bride. Then you look like a bridezilla when all you are trying to do is make your day perfect. Having bridesmaids and holding them to certain expectations can be very risky. That is because some of the relationships you have with these women can be severely damaged if they do not understand and fulfill their role to your liking. My solution for this problem is when you are doing your bridesmaids proposals(when you ask them to be apart of the wedding), you simply include the responsibilities of a bridesmaid and your true expectations from them. It's an honest conversation that needs to be had. The more they understand what you want from them, the more cohesive understanding you all will have! Visit for more bridal advice and services located in the Chicagoland area! - Love April 💞 

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