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Other people's demands

Since I have seen this more than once today, one from a client and a couple of post on here, let me discuss my thoughts about guest list and other people's considerations. Usually, we have a certain family member that wants to include everyone in the family, the family doctor, the family pet veterinarian and whomever else they can think of to invite to the wedding. What people don't understand, and the suggestions are usually from people who have never planned a wedding before, that there is a whole lot of money that goes into every single seat being considered. If you include the wedding venue, the decorations, the party favors, the centerpieces, the meal and the alcohol and so on and so forth, the seat a guest is occupying can easily be $100+ per seat! That is a lot of money to shell out on any one person, not to mention hundreds of guest. And if you have an overbearing person who wants to invite extra people or has a strong hand on your guest list, my suggestion to you is to firm your approach because this can be a very tricky issue. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to consider your budget and venue capacitation as an issue. In fact, these people will generally have the most opinion about how you should spend your own money. My greatest defeat of overbearing people with a whole lot of input is to ask for them to pay for it. That's right! Let your pride go for the sake of your peace. The reason why i say have a discussion of payment with people who are overbearing is that most of the time, these people are all bark and no bite. They want 1000 people to come but they will not offer a penny to pay for them. You will start to see the request come down to minimum. I'm telling you, it will give you a peace of mind. But the conversation needs to be had. Whether you take the approach of asking them to pay, or if you tell them straight up that their request are making it really difficult for you to progress with your wedding planning, you have to set those family members straight. Remember, this is you and your partners wedding day. The only ones who matter at the end of the day are the ones who are saying I Do. Your wishes matter and the two of you should be able to enjoy the company of your guest, in the manner that you want to enjoy them. Hope this helps. Bridal consignment shop on will open in 48 hours. Before you spend hundreds in the department store, shop for items that other brides have used but no longer need. Some items are up to 60% off. -Love April

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