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Post marital counseling?

I would say definitely go for a post marital counseling session sometimes between six months and one year into marriage. By this time, you all have settled into life with one another. You are beginning to notice things that your mate does that may not be to your liking, a little aggravating, or straight up is working your nerves. As you are new to this thing called marriage, your communication skills are new too. Some couples may have lived with each other for years and still feel that after the marriage, they are struggling with the roles of what is a husband to do and what is a wife to do. Sometimes typical gender roles we place within these titles may not be as comfortable for you or your mate. Even if you hashed it out in premarital counseling, these issues can still resurface and that's where the line of communication needs to happen. We need to remind ourselves that marriage is a partnership and humans are forever evolving. That means we will always change in some way or another. The couples who notice the changes and take actions to adapt are the ones who marriages will survive the test of time! In the Chicagoland area and need an inexpensive wedding planner for your big day, checkout for great packaging deals. I can and will work with any budget and will help your wedding day go off without a hitch! -Love April 💞 

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