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How many flowers do you actually need....

People often ask me who needs flowers in the wedding party. The truth is, it can be alot and you need to be very careful about not leaving anyone out! Of course the bridesmaids need their bouquets which I suggest DIY because they can become costly. The groomsmen need their boutonnières. I would also say that you can make those yourself although at a flower shop they may run you 5 to 6 dollars per boutonnière, so depending on time. Now you also need flowers for the mothers which they get corsages. Most people include their grandmothers- more corsages! Then the father and grandfathers should have boutonnières - so ya know more money! Then the ring bearer needs one too! And don't have aunts that are like your second mother, yea you may have to get them one too. Flowers are expensive and intricate part of your wedding planning. They should not, I repeat, should not be left to be planned at the end. Write out that list, get to a florist and sort out that cost asap! If you find the florist to be too pricey, then grab a bottle of wine and a girls night because you have work to do! Any former brides looking to get rid of wedding materials! Recoup some of your hard earn money with the bridal consignment shop at We'll help match you with brides that needs your used goods! - Love April 💞 

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