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Something old, Something new...

We all know the phrase for the wedding. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. These are the four things that brides are "supposed" to wear on the day of their wedding. Well what if my colors aren't blue and who wants to wear old stuff right? Well you don't have to take it so literally. There are work arounds. For my wedding, my colors were tiffany blue (so my something blue was my garter.) My something old was my mothers ring she had given me when I was 15. My something borrowed was my hair pins and my something new was my wedding dress. For my friends wedding, she borrowed my veil, wore a blue garter (her colors were rose gold and gold), her something old was my blush veil (ha,ha, we had to improvise). And her something new were her shoes. It's not a necessity that you have these items, but it if you want to keep with tradition, then I say go for it. What will your somethings be? In the chicagoland area looking for a wedding planner? Check out for helpful tips and a list of my services. -Love April 😍

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