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Some wedding traditions you should change...

Every culture has traditions that must be done at all weddings. While you may want to follow these to a T, you may want to consider revising some traditions. Here are a few I thought of: 1: Don't smash the cake in each other's faces! This went out in the 80s with the ridiculously poofy dresses. Now days, make up is way too expensive to be ruining your face by some stupid cake. And depending on your significant other, they will not value your looks on your wedding day as much as you do. 2: Do not toss your own bouquet! Your bridal bouquet, if it came from a florist, may have cost you upwards $100 dollars. There is no way that that should be the bouquet you are tossing. Instead, find you some cheap flowers from the nearest hobby lobby or dollar store, wrap them in a ribbon and toss that sucker over your shoulder. Your flowers can be dried and preserved to keep with your keepsakes. 3: Do not dance the entire song of your dances. For instance, if you go right into dancing after you have just taken photos with your wedding party, chances are your feet hurt. Most good DJ's know when the moment has been captured or when the moment is over. That is also the job of your wedding coordinator. But trust me, the site is beautiful for the first 30 seconds or so, but dancing the whole song away is truly unnecessary. Have anymore traditions brides should break? Leave some new rules in the comment section. And be sure to check out Our new Bridal Consigment shop is coming soon. Email to contribute some wedding items you are not using and recoup some of your money! - Love April 💞 

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