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Can you coordinate your own wedding?

The answer is no! As a matter of fact, the most nerve racking thing to deal with on the day of your wedding is ensuring that everyone will be on point doing their jobs. Trust me, there is a reason why wedding coordinators exist. And to be honest, aunt Susie (bless her for trying) may not have the natch for the job at hand. It is a hard and daunting test. This is why you need a professional in place. Everything that can go wrong on your wedding day will go wrong if you don't have the right team in place. And your aunt needs to be able to enjoy your wedding day just as the rest of your family does. What is different by Weddings by April Steele is that we are a reasonable option costing about 30 percent less than our competition. That does not mean that you will get 30 percent less quality. In fact, we go over and beyond to ensure that our Brides and Grooms understand their wedding planning from day one until the day of. We meet our couples needs by being hands on, upfront and in motion. That is the only way a wedding coordinator should be. If you feel that there is no room in the budget for a wedding planner, don't fear! Our consulting services help you plan out your budget to include the coordination, consulting and more. Also, we can customize packages to fit even the modestest of budgets. You will get every tool needed to ensure that your day goes exactly to plan. We have documents for your vendors that no other wedding service will offer. Plus, we

have some of the best vendors to offer if you have trouble finding them yourself. Now how is that for a peace of mind! Don't hesitate, book your consultation today! Let us be apart of the biggest day of your lives!

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