Phase 4 Reopening for Illinois

And what that means for your event! 

We have waited to see the moment in which we would feel comfortable enough to have these gaterhings once again. For Illinois, Phase 4 means that small and intimate gatherings are now permitted. We are allowed to have indoor and outdoor gatherings of up to 50 people. The number can increase if the number of Covid-19 cases continue to decrease. If we all stay the course and do our parts, then surely we can see to it that this will happen. While we are far from normal, plan to have your event small and intimate. If you have a guest list that you just can't cut down to th

New Tools to inform your guests about policy changes!

Hey guys and gals! I wanted to inform you all that I have a new pdf that you can print out to let all of your guests know what the policy will be before they arrive at your event! Head over to the Contact tab at the top and click on the downloadable pdf version to include with your invitations if you so choose. 

Also, on that same page or clicking here, you will find the Covid-19 consent form that I will need all my events to fill out! As previously stated, there are new safety regimens that I have implemented in order to keep staff and guests safe. However, if you so choose that you would not like to have these regimens in place for your event, then you must decline on the consent form. All clients must sign the form even if you are in full agreement with the new changes for the event. Please, as always, call me with any questions or concerns about how we will move forward with your event. I plan to keep everyone safe while making everyone happy! 

Happy planning, 

April Steele 

New Policy changes from Weddings by April Steele

A message to my clients. I hope you are all doing well during this pandemic. It is important that we all realize the most important things during this pandemic and that is that you are healthy and safe. I hope you are all doing things to keep your mental health and wellness in order. I am praying for all of my clients and I hope we get as close to normal as we possibly can very soon. 

Before I get into policy changes, I want to make all clients aware that if your event should have to be rescheduled or cancelled due to Covid-19, I am willing to reschedule your event for a date that I am available for up to two years after your original scheduled date. I will apply your deposit to the new date and honor the remaining of your contract. I will give you a new contract with the new wedding date for your transparency. For my complete policy for Covid-19 please click here.  I do urge all clients to please, postpone your special event. Do not let this event hinder you from the celebration in which you've been planning. 

Once that new normal arrives, it will be important for me to ensure the safety of you, my clients, as well as my staff and your wedding/event guests. I wanted to let everyone know of some policy changes that I feel need to be implemented going forward in order to ensure that safety for every. 

1. We will follow all state and local laws in regards to having your event. Most of my events take place in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. I will be sure to implement those local laws moving thus far as each individual state has its own policy. 


2. To ensure safety for the clients, guests and wedding staff - Temperatures will be taken of every guest at the event. A normal temperature is 98.6. Any temperature over 99 will be deemed excessive and that guest will be asked not to attend the event. (If you are not in favor of this practice, you will be asked to sign a waiver releasing April Steele and Weddings by April Steele from any and all responsibilities due to health concerns or outbreaks. 

3. If local law mandates guests wear masks, we will be following the rules of the local mandates. Again, if you do not want your guests to comply to this a waiver must be signed and submitted by the client before the event. 

4. Guests with a constant cough or showing flu-like symptoms will be asked to leave. 

5. The staff of Weddings by April Steele will wear masks during your events. Even in the event of coordination, our staff will be masked. Once a vaccination becomes available, is when the staff will no longer be required to wear masks. We will also sanitize often and wash our hands often as well. 

6. We will comply with the guests limitations and our staff will practice social distancing when possible. Virtual accommodations may be made available if your guests limit changes because of the pandemic. 

As of May 26th, 2020, these are the links to the current mandates scheduled for reopening and having events:




As always, be smart and be safe. I hope to see all of you at your upcoming events very soon! 

To my clients of Weddings by April Steele, it is a bit tricky for us in planning our events due to recent shut downs and smaller gathering recommendations. As I urge us to all take the advice from the medical professionals, I also want to encourage anyone planning an event to continue to plan accordingly. 


If you are worried about your date getting pushed back or not even happening at all, call me. Let’s talk with your venue to see what their recommendations are for the foreseeable future. The ban for large gathering has been recommended for 8 weeks. Those guidelines can and may be lifted earlier once we see the health of the nation improving. However, we must take precautions because the last thing we want to do is be responsible for anyone being sick. Due to CDC recommendations guests over the age of 60 are encouraged to not join in any large event gatherings until health officials say it is safe for them to attend. 


If you have an event coming up within the next month or so, you are encouraged to speak with your venue and/or vendors about the steps they are taking to ensure safety for your guests. If the venue is encouraging rescheduling or canceling, Weddings by April Steele will work with you for available dates in which you can still hold your special event. 


As for my staff and I, we are checking our temperatures, washing our hands and using sanitation products as we setup for an event. We won’t shake your guests hands, rather we will greet them with a welcoming smile and wave. All of our rental products will arrive cleaned and sanitized for your event. 


We can only hold on to faith for what awaits us in the future but I encourage us all not to fear. If we get it right now, then we can avoid most tragedy to come. We should all be good citizens and take heed to the advice of the medical professionals. But the party goes on. So no need to panic. 


As always, 

Happy planning 

April Steele 

Chicago, Illinois 

Tel: 708-491-9717


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