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A message from Weddings by April Steele regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic 

To my clients of Weddings by April Steele, it is a bit tricky for us in planning our events due to recent shut downs and smaller gathering recommendations. As I urge us to all take the advice from the medical professionals, I also want to encourage anyone planning an event to continue to plan accordingly. 


If you are worried about your date getting pushed back or not even happening at all, call me. Let’s talk with your venue to see what their recommendations are for the foreseeable future. The ban for large gathering has been recommended for 8 weeks. Those guidelines can and may be lifted earlier once we see the health of the nation improving. However, we must take precautions because the last thing we want to do is be responsible for anyone being sick. Due to CDC recommendations guests over the age of 60 are encouraged to not join in any large event gatherings until health officials say it is safe for them to attend. 


If you have an event coming up within the next month or so, you are encouraged to speak with your venue and/or vendors about the steps they are taking to ensure safety for your guests. If the venue is encouraging rescheduling or canceling, Weddings by April Steele will work with you for available dates in which you can still hold your special event. 


As for my staff and I, we are checking our temperatures, washing our hands and using sanitation products as we setup for an event. We won’t shake your guests hands, rather we will greet them with a welcoming smile and wave. All of our rental products will arrive cleaned and sanitized for your event. 


We can only hold on to faith for what awaits us in the future but I encourage us all not to fear. If we get it right now, then we can avoid most tragedy to come. We should all be good citizens and take heed to the advice of the medical professionals. But the party goes on. So no need to panic. 


As always, 

Happy planning 

April Steele