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Prom and Graduation 2022

See the packages listed below and scroll to the bottom of the page to fill out the contact form to secure your booking! You will be invoiced separately for your deposit after completion of the form. 

prom2022 packages.PNG

Select your package

You can choose your color theme and we will come and customize the project according to your theme. The balloons come pre-assembled. Setup time will take between 30 minutes to 1 hours. Rental periods for Grad/Prom setups are maximum of 4 hours. Loveseats will not fit into buildings with storefronts and we will not make any attempts to make items fit through smaller doors. 

Package 1 1/2 Balloon Arch and Backdrop $220

Package 2 1/2 Balloon Arch, Linen or Sequin Backdrop 1 Single Throne Chair $350

Package 3 1/2 Balloon Arch Customized Backdrop with Linen 1 Single Throne Chair $425

Package 4 1/2 Balloon Arch Linen or Sequin Backdrop 2 Throne Chairs or 1 Loveseat $450

Package 5 1/2 Balloon Arch Customized Backdrop with Linen 2 Throne Chairs or 1 Loveseat $550

Package 6 1/2 Balloon Arch, Linen or Sequin, Backdrop 1 Single Throne Chair, Red Carpet Runner, 2 Stanchions, 2 Balloon Columns $500 

Package 7 1/2 Balloon Arch, Customized Backdrop with Linen 1 Single Throne Chair, Red Carpet Runner, 2 Stanchions 2 Balloon Columns - $600 

Package 8 1/2 Balloon Arch, Linen Backdrop, 2 Throne Chairs or 1 Loveseat, Red Carpet Runner, 2 Stanchions, 2 Balloon Columns - $600

Package 9- 1/2 Balloon Arch custom Backdrop with Linen 2 Throne Chairs or 1 Loveseat Red Carpet Runner, 2 Stanchions, 2 Ballon Columns -$700


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Chair Selection 

These are the chairs that are in stock. Your options are one black, 2 white chairs with silver trim, 2 white chairs with gold trim, 1 all white loveseat and 1 white love seat with gold trim. Renters assume all responsibilities to these items during their rental periods. A full list of terms and conditions will be sent that must be agreed upon before securing booking. 

prom2022 packages2.PNG
prom2022 packages.PNG

What is your address?

Where is your setup location? We only Service Chicagoland and NWI

Please Choose from the packages listed using the Dropdown Box below!

Choose a time

By Submitting this form, I agree that I am the contracting party and have sole responsibility for the care of these items.I agree that all my information listed is accurate and correct. I understand that my deposit is non-refundable and secures the item, date and time for my rental. I understand the deposit amount is 50% of my services and due immediately once I confirm booking. I understand that booking will not be confirmed until payment is received.  I understand that my package cannot be altered or change without written consent from a Weddings by April Steele Representative. If my event is canceled for any reason besides an act of God, the deposit is non-refundable. If an act of God does occur, Weddings by April Steele agrees I may receive 1/2 of my deposit or switch my date to another available date. My order is subject to cancelation if not paid in full 48 hours before my event. I am also aware that I will forfeit my deposit due to lack of payment if such instance occurs. I agree that these items will be given back to me in the condition in which they were rented to me. If I have a dispute about the condition of the items, I will alert a representative of Weddings By April Steele at once about questionable conditions of the items. I assume sole responsibility to the damages of these items if any should occur including but not limited to cleaning, repair or even total replacement cost of the item(s). I understand that replacement costs can be made available to me at my request. I will not allow children or irresponsible/intoxicated adults to misuse the property as I will be responsible for any damages that occur from misuse. I agree that any charges will be held against me and will be sought after under due process of the law. I understand that Free Delivery covers 15  miles each way for the delivery of my items. Anything above 15 miles is subject to a $20 delivery fee. Delivery miles are capped at 40 miles. I have read all the terms and conditions spelled out on the website including care for the items, assuring measurements, and hours of service. 

Once you hit submit, a representative from Weddings by April Steele will contact you to confirm your booking. Please make sure you have included your phone number in the message box. Unconfirmed rentals will be subject to cancelations. Delivery will be calculated at that time and a formal invoice will be sent to your email with payment instructions. 

Thanks for submitting!
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